Tips for Snowboarding – what to bring

What to take:

  • board/bindings,
  • boots,
  • sunglasses/goggles,
  • bandana,
  • powder whistle,
  • leatherman tool with screwdriver,
  • lunch/snacks,
  • sunscreen, spf 15 minimum,
  • lip balm, spf 15 minimum,
  • money,
  • camera, mobile phone.

What to wear:

  • sun hat,
  • warm ski hat,
  • lightweight, upper wicking layer (Note: Avoid cotton. Stick with capilene, polypropelene, or another wicking material.),
  • heavier, upper wicking layer, mid-weight,
  • shell jacket,
  • heavier insulation layer, which can be stowed at the top of your pack,
  • lightweight long-john bottoms,
  • shell pants,
  • liner sock (wool, polypropylene, or capilene),
  • mid-weight sock (wool, polypropylene, or capilene),
  • neck gaiter,
  • warm, waterproof gloves or mittens,
  • extra pair of gloves or mittens,
  • extra lightweight upper layer.
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